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The cost of a survey depends on many factors, most of which cannot be exactly determined until the initial work has started. However, you should receive an estimate before any work has begun.

Determining factors are:

  • Terrain and Accessibility: Vegetation, forests, and uneven terrain would require more work than an open field.
  • Time of Year: Weather conditions can affect field visibility. Dense vegetation in summer often restricts the line of sight, while snow in the winter may conceal field evidence.
  • Size and Shape: An irregularly shaped land will require more survey points because it has more corners than a square one.
  • Field Evidence: Lack of survey evidence (ex. iron monuments, corner stones etc.) will make the survey more difficult.
  • Deeds: Having an inaccurate or vague description of your property, or having an unrecorded deed will complicate and delay the survey work.

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